Holiday Sensory Night for Children With Autism

Working with local non-profits who specialize in child development and mentorship, Legacy Cares has partnered with several organizations in the valley to bring a sensory night to the Pratt Brothers Christmas Show at Legacy Park.

Most children with autism spectrum disorder have sensory sensitivities, meaning that they can’t stand bright lights, being in large crowds, or certain textures. For most of them, Christmas means a change in schedule that can upset them and provoke sensory overload. However, Legacy Cares dedicated a single night to children with autism with less crowds, noise and counselors to guide them through the Christmas display.

As a means to incorporate the participants in Cares’ Not Your Typical Workforce Program, this event empowered this group of individuals to take an advantage of an activity typically not offered at other venues.

"I thought the lights at the Pratt Brothers Christmas show were amazing! My favorite was the huge light-up Christmas Tree. I had lots of fun with all my friends and family. Thank you so much!"
Daniel D. | Student
"Last night my family and I attended the Pratt Brothers Christmas Spectacular at Legacy Park. We had a great time. I am very appreciative that Legacy Cares provided our tickets for the event. I enjoyed spending time with my son, and getting into the Christmas Spirit. We loved the old-fashioned car ride and super-fun driver!"
Ann B. | Parent