Adaptive Sports Partners


Legacy Cares works closely with our adaptive sports partners to empower individuals with disabilities by building community, confidence, and skills through sports.

Our program develops relationships with local 501c3 organizations who work closely with children of all abilities to ensure they have an equal opportunity on any playing field. In 2022, Legacy Cares started this program with its first partner: Mikey’s League. Mikey’s League was founded with a powerful objective: to challenge the limits placed on children with disabilities and allow them to inspire and teach us. They believe in the power of sport, and its moments of triumph, to unify, heal, and provide the confidence needed to be successful in life, regardless of challenges.

“Running inclusive sports programs at Legacy Park is special. Thanks to the support of Legacy Cares, our kids get an opportunity they could not get anywhere else. They can see for themselves that they are playing the same sports on the same fields and courts and doing the same drills as their non-disabled peers. The same fields and courts that their brothers and sisters get to play on, and they hear the kids at school talking about. They get to know that they are a part of this community and belong. They get to experience being an athlete.”
Scott Freeman | Founder & Executive Director

Legacy Cares shares this vision with Mikey’s League and as such, has become host to their adaptive sporting events throughout the year. Our close relationship with the Mikey’s League team allows us to reach even more vulnerable communities by bringing unique opportunities for engagement in sports and e-sports.

Please note, this program does not provide grants or scholarships to organizations that are adaptive sports partners. If your organization is interested in becoming an adaptive sports partner of Legacy Cares, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in contact with you.

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