Drug & Alcohol Abstinence Program


Legacy Cares has launched an alcohol and drug abstinence program that leverages role model mirroring, a comprehensive online learning platform comprised of videos that teach life skills, and positive peer pressure to challenge students to reach their maximum potential. The program goes beyond just drug and alcohol abstinence by challenging students to pursue team values, accountability, positive life choices, goal setting, mental and emotional well-being, nutrition, fitness, and other critical life skills.

All online program materials have been donated and provided by our program partners at Sold Out Youth Foundation. Sold Out‘s Mission is to educate, encourage, and challenge students to live a life of alcohol and drug abstinence, while delivering a 100% intentional interactive online video life skills, and overall health, wellness, and fitness education platform.

To equip our youth for success, students take a 3-step pledge to abstain from drugs and alcohol, help their friends make the same positive choice, and let their parents know to keep them accountable. We equip schools, athletic programs, and community youth organizations with a robust curriculum and in-person assembly with top entertainment and sports figures, then supplement it with a vast library of online video resources to continue the discussion.

This program’s primary function is to foster mental and emotional wellness, physical fitness, leadership and life skills, goal setting, and healthy lifestyles amongst at-risk, underprivileged, and mixed abilities Arizona youth.