Super Star Awards Program



Life has been unpredictable lately and opportunities for Arizona kids haven’t been immune to these fluctuating changes. Many schools across Maricopa County struggle to provide consistent leadership programs on their campuses because they are under-resourced and left with few options and less support now more than ever.

Since our founding in 2019, Legacy Cares has worked to foster personal growth and leadership skills in Arizona communities through athletics and educational opportunities for children of all abilities. Legacy Cares provides children of all ages and abilities at Legacy Park with the opportunity to play sports and participate in team activities in a safe environment for all to enjoy.

As we continue to launch programs to better serve our community, we are excited for the opportunity to award a monthly scholarship to a single boy and girl who have exhibited exceptional character and leadership while participating in Legacy Cares’ Performance Mentor Program.

We are able to offer this opportunity because of the generosity of our sponsors at Super Star Car Wash.

Super Star Car Wash will provide the necessary funding to not only award two scholarships each month in the amount of $100 each, but also two annual scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to individuals exemplifying good character, leadership skills, and achieving their goals for personal growth while enrolled in the Legacy Cares Performance Mentor Program. The annual scholarship will be for our Super Stars of the Year with permanent recognition at the Park for the following calendar year!

Eligibility and Requirements for Nominees
NO GPA Requirement

Why does our scholarship have a no GPA requirement? We believe in taking a holistic look at a student’s performance. Every individual comes from different circumstances and some overcame challenges that don’t show up in a report card. We believe that a student’s GPA is not the only predictor of their potential and we want to give these students the opportunity to shine.

2023 Scholarship Timeline

Individual monthly scholarships will be awarded on the first of each month to a single boy and girl who have been nominated by one of our Performance Mentor Program coaches. Nominees will earn recognition for their commitment to the program and positive influence on their peers.

The Super Star of the Year Award will be given to a single boy and girl on December 29th at Legacy Park. The Super Stars of the Year will have a permanent photo for 12 months at Legacy Park recognizing them for their exemplary character and commitment to the Performance Mentor Program.

Who is Super Star Car Wash?

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A Closer Look at the History of Super Star Car Wash

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