Shelby Simmons

Shelby Simmons

Programs Project Manager | Legacy Cares, Inc.

After graduating from Valdosta State University with a degree in political science, Shelby Simmons served a plethora of roles for two of the nation’s largest and most influential grassroots political nonprofits. From event planning and executive assistance to grant writing and donor relations, Shelby developed a diverse skill set that allowed her to thrive in other industries.

She then went on to expand her professional career by entering the world of marketing. She is now a partner and Chief Operations Officer of Matchstick Marketing, an Arizona based digital marketing firm specializing in branding strategy, viral campaigns, and innovative hyper-targeted advertising techniques.

Shelby simultaneously served as Director of Administration for Skylab, where she assisted C-suite executives, established procedures and processes for optimization and efficiency, processed all investments, managed investor relations, executed event planning, and generally ensured the trains ran on time. 

As Project Manager of Legacy Cares and a former softball catcher herself, Shelby hopes to leverage her experiences to advance the organization’s mission and bring the joy of sports to Arizonans of all backgrounds.

Shelby considers herself a woman of many hats who loves serving others and spending time with her two pits, Bubba and Bonnie.